Saturn HA Desk Package ,

The Saturn Desk Package is a great combination of value and quality including our the Luigi office chair and our Electric Height Adjustable Saturn Workstation. Perfect for the Home office, can be dispatched in as little as 4 hours from order.

  • Xs Week Lead Time

    1 Week Lead Time

  • Australia Wide Delivery

    Australia Wide Delivery

  • Xs Year warranty

    10 Year Warranty

  • Highlights

    • 1200-1800L x 750D Height Adjustable Desk

    • Electric Height Adjustment

    • 3 Column for Stability

    • 36mm Per Second

    • Anti-collision Safety Feature

    • 620-1270mm Height Adjustment

  • Specifications

    • 1200L x 750D Desk

    • 980mmH x 500mmW x 440mmD Ergonomic Office Chair

    • 10 Year Warranty on Desk

  • Options

    • Black or White Powder coated Frame

    • Top – Standard Laminex Colours

    • Available with upgrades:

    • Chair Mat

    • Single or Double Gas Monitor Arm

    • Mobile Storage Pedestal

    • Manetto Chair

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