A Guide to Making Your Meeting Rooms More Effective

A Guide to Making Your Meeting Rooms More Effective

Meetings take up a large number of our workdays, and increasingly encroach on time normally spent at our desks concentrating on other important work. According to Business Insider, Australians are spending more time in meetings than ever before. Out of 3,900 full time professionals, 90 per cent of those in Australia and New Zealand reported that they are spending more time in meetings than usual.

Meetings in the workplace are often held to boost the business’ productivity and teamwork. Sharing ideas and collaborating can inspire each other to do better and is seen by managers as a break from individual working.

Despite their increase, meetings are not always something workers look forward to. According to Business Insider, 66 per cent of Australian workers dislike meetings because they are viewed as adding little value and disrupting ongoing work.

But when done right, meetings benefit a business in many ways. To make business’ meetings more productive, conference rooms and boardrooms can be designed to inspire collaboration and problem solving rather than interrupt productivity. As the amount of time spent in meetings increases, business owners are aware of the need to create a conducive environment. Making a few upgrades in the boardroom improves how meetings are perceived and conducted.

Designing a boardroom that helps employees’ creativity and promotes collaboration during meetings can lead to critical decisions for a successful company strategy. Here are some changes for more productive meetings.

Improve the lighting

A dark and gloomy meeting room can leave your employees sleepy and your clients unimpressed. Natural light is always the best option, but if your conference room doesn’t have enough windows, invest in bright and high-quality lighting to illuminate the room.

Change up the colours

Don’t overlook what’s on the walls of your meeting room. Studies show that colours have a direct impact on the productivity levels of the workers. Dull colours such as whites and greys may induce feelings of sadness, whereas shades of blue and green promote focus and relaxation. These shades also help relax the eyes of your employees who are in front of their computer screens all day.

Add innovative and functional furniture

With the number of interior design ideas and office furniture recommendations online, it’s easy to follow the latest trends. Understanding what meetings your employees hold will help identify the type of office furniture to install.

Choose versatile furniture that can work for both formal meetings and casual huddles. The chairs in the meeting room need to be comfortable to help inspire longer and more valuable discussions, but formal enough to give a professional appearance. Also, make sure to keep your office branding in mind when selecting furniture.

Meetings take up employees’ time. To compensate for the distraction from other tasks, managers have an interest in creating an environment for a pleasant and productive experience. Improve your boardrooms with Topaz Furniture. We offer commercial fit-outs and office furniture that are guaranteed for high quality and functionality. Contact us today and let’s begin transforming your office.


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