A Guide To Office Design In Melbourne For Executive Spaces

If you have been asked to come up with a functional office design in Melbourne for one of the executives in a company, you may have realized that these spaces are distinctly different to others – they often resemble mini apartments and are filled with luxury pieces. It is important that the office is welcoming enough for meetings but laid back enough for the executive to work in comfort.

  • Make sure that you choose a colour scheme that is professional yet appealing. Try using a colour that features in the company’s logo. Neutral walls and floors tend to work best.
  • Decide on what furniture your executive needs. Essential items will include a desk, an office chair and chairs for visitors. They may also want a filing cabinet, a bookcase or even a couch.
  • Include some wall art as a part of the office design. You could choose a painting or two or even hang up the executives framed diploma. Avoid hanging up photographs of friends and family.
  • The finishing touches could mean the difference between a welcoming office and a stand-offish one – lay a rug on the floor, put a rubbish bin under the desk, put a plant in one corner and so on.

When it comes to office design in Melbourne, it is of the utmost importance that you take into account the kind of employees who will be using the space. An office that has been set aside for an executive will need to have a very different design to a space that is used by two or three individuals. By using the above tips in your executive design, you should achieve a functional and attractive space.


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