A Guide To Restoring Your Office Furniture

Over time, your office furniture is subjected to a lot of abuse – how many times have you slammed drawers in frustration or accidentally spilt your coffee all over the desk? If you aren’t really on the lookout for some new furniture just yet, you can restore some of your old pieces to get them back up to scratch and tide you over until you are.

  • To restore timber furniture to its former glory, sand each piece back and re-stain them in a colour of your choosing. This will also give you the opportunity to fill in any dents or cracks with a wood filler. Leave the stain to dry for at least 48 hours before using the piece again.
  • To restore metal office furniture, re-paint them in the same colour or a new one of your choice. You can use a special tool to remove obvious dents or scratches from the surface, then sand the whole piece back in preparation for painting. Leave to dry overnight.
  • To restore your workstation, the main area that will need your attention is the drawers. If needed, reassemble the drawer tracks or replace them entirely. Office chairs, too, will need some attention, as damaged wheels can be replaced.

The best time to restore your old office furniture is over a free weekend. This will leave plenty of time for fumes to be dispersed and for each piece to dry completely, in time for Monday morning. Once you’re finished, your office will look like it was fitted with a new set of furniture overnight – at least until you can replace them with new pieces.



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