Amazing Spaces from Around the Globe in July

Serendipitous ideas proliferate in a space where there are no sides to a cube.
To think outside the box means you have to work outside the cubicle. The Barbarian Group in New York experiences this in their new office layout that is detrimental to the common traditional creative process.

Barbarian Group

Barbarian Group 1

Barbarian Group 2

Tough Mudder: A typical 10 mile military style obstacle course that can break a mere mortal, who claim to have the "toughest even on the earth", and yet, they are expected to sit at a desk every day.

Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder1

Well, not everybody has to sit.

Tough Mudder2

Thinking outside the green square. These images are taken from various projects internationally showcasing sustainable green offices and residential developments.

green square

green square1

green square2

green square3

green square4


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