Amazing Spaces from Around the Globe in June

In this creative and vibrant laboratory in Miami there is a strict embargo on pins, staplers and paperclips. The imaginative inflatable theme of the office includes seats, wall partitions and light fittings which require more than average cautionary care. Fancy fearing to bring anything sharp into your workstation for panic of popping the furniture and accidently transforming your cubicle into a shared workspace!

Known for its popular animation films like Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Wall-E and The Increadibles, Pixar also has an interesting office. Complete with paintings and figurines depicting several Pixar creations. You can treat yourself to a game of ping-pong, pool or work in some of the micro-offices.

SOHO China
AIM Architecture have omitted floors, ceilings, walls and paint and instead used glass and mirrors to design thisdisorientating and striking office. Everything is visible including water pipes and ventilation ducts and random panes of mirror are placed inside the transparent space to reflect the Shanghai skyline. In this house of mirrors it is whispered that not meeting deadlines results in a punishment involving rags and a bottle of Windex.


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