Amazing spaces from around the globe in May

Working from an atomic bunker may have been your dream but this one has come true. The May amazing spaces article features a radicaloffice bunker, an office slide and inhouse green landscapes.

White Mountain Office
Swedish ISP now uses this old atomic shelter for their office.100 feet beneath the surface, with rock walls and cavernous ceilingsit certainly makes a unique and awe inspiringworkplace.

White Mountain Office

White Mountain Office 1

TBWA Hakuhodo
Klein Dytham Architecture designed this office for a Japanese advertising company. Nature is the prominent theme in this peaceful office where the outdoors has come in.

TBWA Hakuhodo

TBWA Hakuhodo 1

TBWA Hakuhodo 2

TBWA Hakuhodo 3

Google Zurich
This is an office where work and play mix. Google Zurich have many decorated rooms for employees to work in and relaxation is provided in the form of a games room and a gym. Offices slides are also becoming more popular in bringing the outdoors inside.

Google Zurich

Google Zurich 1

Google Zurich 2

Google Zurich 3

Google Zurich 4


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