Amazing Spaces from Around the Globe

Red Bull London

This is an amazing office, not just because of the sleek minimalistic look, but  because of the awesome carbon slide! Red Bull’s 3 floor office was designed by Jump Studios, an architecture company from London, UK.

 Red Bull London

Red Bull London1

Red Bull London2

Red Bull London3


Selgas Cano Architecture

This office at Selgas Cano Architecture was designed to be embraced by it's natural environment. So in order to achieve that, it was built below the ground with a long curved window which provides an uninterupted view of the plants and trees. What a truely peaceful environment to stimulate creativity.

 Selgas Cano Architecture

Selgas Cano Architecture1

Selgas Cano Architecture2

Selgas Cano Architecture3


Pallotta Teamworks

When Pallotta Teamworks asked Clive Wilkinson Architects to create a one of a kind office, they got what they asked for. Made entirely out of shipping containers, they are stacked on top of each other and painted in a variety of striking colours.

Pallotta Teamworks

Pallotta Teamworks1

Pallotta Teamworks3





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