Choosing Ergonomic Task Chairs For Your Workstation

Many people are concerned with making the ‘right’ choice when it comes to ergonomic task chairs for your workstation. What is ‘right’ for one person can be difficult to determine, as it depends on their needs in the workplace, as well as their personal likes and dislikes. In the list below, we have covered the main features of these chairs to help you make the best choice.

ergonomic task chairs for your workstation

  • Back Height –This refers to how much of the back the chair will support; mid back, for example, supports below the shoulder blades (with emphasis on the lumbar region).
  • Back Shape -The shape is generally an aesthetic choice, although some people find that different shapes mould to the body differently and provide better support.
  • Back Support –Probably the most important feature, the lumbar (or lower back) curve should be pronounced with the remainder of the shape having a slight curve or moulded shape.
  • Seat Size –The second most important consideration, when seated with your bottom at the back of the chair (contacting the back support) you should be able to fit 3 fingers behind your knee.
  • Mesh vs Upholstery –Although upholstery is the more traditional choice, many experts are turning to mesh because it allows for airflow and is great for warmer environments.
  • Synchro Swing Motion vs Independent Tilts –Chairs generally have 2 forms of movement mechanism – synchro/swing motion or independent tilts. This is often a personal choice.
  • Arms vs No Arms –The choice of having armrests or not is at the user’s discretion. If you have opted for armrests, ensure that they’re height adjustable or even width adjustable.
  • Chair Height –When selecting a chair, remember to relate it to the height of your desk (most are around the 720mm mark, but some can be higher or lower). A gas lift can be used to alter the height.
  • Castors –Most chairs will come with standard carpet castors for easy movement on carpet, but soft casters for hard floor surfaces and heavy duty ones are also available.

The biggest mistake when choosing ergonomic task chairs for your workstation is testing them out in a relaxed position – you’ve forgotten that the most important function is comfort and support in the working position, not a relaxed position. So, when testing chairs, remember to sit up straight as if you were typing at the computer – this position is most important.


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