Choosing Office Storage In Melbourne For Your Stationary

Whilst the paperless office is surely a popular idea – no more printer jams and messy desks – this is a future that has still yet to come to fruition, requiring the need for office storage in Melbourne that allows you to store your stationary with ease. We hope that the following list of tips greatly improves the way that stationary storage is arranged and managed in your workplace.

  • Take an inventory of all the different stationary currently used in your office. Go around and speak with your employees to find out what they use in their day to day lives and what additional stationary they would like to have access to.
  • Select a place where you can store stationary that has not yet been claimed by a particular employee. A cupboard or utility room (where your printer and photocopier are stored) is the best places to do this, as it reduces clutter and the mess can be hidden away.
  • Decide on how you would like your office storage to be arranged – pots are great for keeping pens and pencils in check; a drawer organizer can be used to arrange sticky notes, masking tape and blu tak; and containers are great for holding paper.

You should make it a point to go through your office storage in Melbourne a few times a year, making sure that it is clean and in order. As many stationary items are so small, it is very easy for them to become misplaced and disorganized, which makes finding what you need nearly impossible. Storage is only part of the solution – you need to keep the space neat and tidy, too.


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