Creating A Therapeutic Office Design In Melbourne

These days, achieving a therapeutic office design in Melbourne is not only for clinical or medical workplaces – today, any sort of business or office space can benefit from having a more therapeutic office design. These sorts of spaces promote a sense of health and well-being amongst employees – having the right colours, sounds, lighting and so on can reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure and even diminish pain. So, how exactly do you do this?

Begin by drawing a basic floor plan for your office (on a whiteboard with black pen works best), outlining the placement of doors, windows, bathrooms and walls. Then, use a blue pen to draw in how the space currently looks, from furniture to decorations (such as artwork). Now, think about how your office ‘flows’ on a day-to-day basis – you need to ensure that all the spaces of your workplace are easy to move between.

Get your hands a colour wheel and have a play around to see how different colours would look together. Choose a base colour (for your walls and/or floor) and use the wheel to determine what colours your furniture, artwork and other elements should be. You can now take a red pen and draw in what you would like your office design in Melbourne to look like (over the top of the blue floor plan), taking into account everything outlined above.

Finally, use one or more of the following tips to truly make your office design in Melbourne as therapeutic as possible – add a water element (such as a small water fountain) to increase ease; include oil infusers and room deodorisers to improve the smell of the space; invest in some therapeutic furniture to improve comfort.



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