Do Exercise Balls Make Good Office Chairs?

With health awareness continuously on the rise, there are some people these days who are opting to use an exercise ball instead of an office chair, but are they actually okay to use like this? Many people, including health experts, will argue that no, balls do not really make good chairs, and here’s why:

It is strongly recommended by many experts and doctors that people with back and neck problems do not use exercise balls as office chairs because they must sit on them for extended periods of time. Whilst these balls can help people with back problems to strengthen the muscles, sitting on them for hours and hours can increase muscle contraction, as there is no way to rest the back.

Exercise balls are also unsuitable as chairs when the person intending to use it is pregnant. This is mostly due to the fact that these balls are known to roll around without warning, occasionally causing its user to fall off, which can be highly dangerous for a woman who is expecting.

Sitting on an exercise ball instead of an office chair may also cause issues with your workstation – you may find that you are sitting too low to the ground and are unable to type comfortably, leading to the need to readjust your entire workstation.

Another problem associated with the use of balls as office chairs is that they are known to get sticky in warm weather, much like a plastic or leather chair would. This can cause the ball to become slippery, making it more likely that the user will fall off, as well as being highly uncomfortable.

Whilst there are those people who will sing the praises of exercise balls for improving posture and giving a great workout, as office chairs they are severely lacking in the proper support that we need. You would do better to buy a proper ergonomic chair instead of a ball.


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