Do not Just Sit There Stand Up

How does it look when we compare sitting and standing?


Sitting Positions:

  • Forward head position leads to pressure and muscle tightness and can lead to headaches
  • Creates a rounded back preventing correct spine support
  • Increases chances of blood clots, varicose veins, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, tendinitis
  • The body burns less energy and utilizes less blood sugar in the body
  • Electrical activity in the muscles takes a dip
  • Enzyme productivity drops by 90% which increases your risk of getting heart disease

Standing Positions:

  • Joints are in more appropriate positions resulting in better blood flow to the legs and the hips
  • Activates core, arm and leg muscles and improves back health
  • Causes more desirable blood sugar and blood pressure levels
  • Increased metabolism by breaking down sugars and fats more quickly
  • Oxygen levels rise for improved concentration
  • Burns three times as many calories as sitting helping with weight loss

You may find this very disturbing if you are one of the many people who sit for long periods of time at work. Don’t be distressed. Even a small amount of standing during your day can help a lot. Designer and Ergonomic Specialist; Mari-ann Carlson says 'Alternating between sitting and standing is important as too much of either position can be stressful on your body. Aim to stand and move every 20 minutes.'

Here are five ways of incorporating standing into your days’ work:

  1. Use height-adjustable computer accessories for the desktop
  2. Furnish conference rooms and meeting rooms with adjustable-height tables
  3. As an alternative to replacing your current desk consider adding a standing table to match
  4. Acquire an all-in-one option, like a Sit-Stand Workstation
  5. Place a standing work island in a common area so everyone can take a stand for their health



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