Eco-Friendly Furniture In Melbourne

When people are buying new furniture for their business or shop, they may toy with the idea of buying eco-friendly furniture in Melbourne before tossing the thought aside and opting instead for sleek modern pieces. Did you know that these kinds of pieces could actually be considered eco-friendly, if constructed under the right conditions?

 There are 3 different ways that a piece of furniture in Melbourne can be described as being eco-friendly:

  • The piece has been constructed using materials that are recycled or are renewable. Recycled materials that can be used to create furniture include glass, plastic, metal and wood. Renewable materials are ones that can be grown at a rate that is equal to or faster than the rate that it is being used.
  • The piece has been manufactured in a way that is resource efficient. In general, this refers to handmade furniture in Melbourne as less energy is used in its construction than what is used for a machine to do the same thing.  The piece may also have been manufactured in a plant that is highly energy efficient.
  • The piece is free of harmful chemicals that are dangerous for the environment (and your health). This furniture in Melbourne is made of materials that emit little to no carcinogens, toxins, irritants or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). For example, a chair painted with lead based paint is not eco-friendly as lead is toxic.

Don’t automatically assume that eco-friendly furniture in Melbourne means old, mismatched pieces that are completely useless in an office environment. Quite the opposite of this image is actually true, so isn’t it about time you bought your office some eco-friendly furniture? Not only will you be helping the environment – you’ll be helping yourself.


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