Ergonomic Furniture Will Help Those Sitting All Day In Front Of A Computer

We all know that sitting can be bad for our health – it’s been linked to an increased risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even cancer. On top of this, sitting for long periods can cause our muscles to become inactive and has us burning only one calorie per minute. If you spend all day sitting in front of a computer, you will find ergonomic furniture a real help.

ergonomic furniture

  • Computer Monitor
    It’s important that you have your eyes in line with the area of your screen that you focus on most. Looking down at your screen places excess strain on your neck, which can leave you vulnerable to headaches and the like. The best thing to do is raise your monitor by placing it on a stand.
  • Desk Surface
    Anything that you use constantly (such as your telephone, mouse and even a water bottle) can be a stressor on your body if you’re always reaching for it. Instead of forcing your body to overwork, keep these items within a foot on your desk so that they’re easily accessible.
  • Armrests
    When your arms are stretched and extended, our shoulders actually start to rotate forwards (causing you to lose strength in your upper back). To avoid shoulder injuries and chronic upper back pain, keep your arms at a 90-degree angle – use those armrests on ergonomic furniture!
  • Chair
    You need your back to be comfortable and supported, with a small curve in the lumbar spine where your natural lower back is. If you don’t have a chair that provides adequate support, it’s time to invest in a new one or invest in a mesh cushion that will help you to sit comfortably.
  • Legs & Feet
    Did you know that when you cross your legs or when your toes are just touching the floor, you’re actually placing stress on large supportive muscles and hampering proper blood flow? It’s okay to cross your legs occasionally, just be aware of your body position.
  • Vertical Alignment
    Whilst seated, you never want to be leaning or reaching forward. Why not? Well, for every inch that your head comes forward, your spine feels like it has taken on an extra 4.5kg – this can mean some major and unnecessary strain for your muscles. 

At the end of the day, little changes to your posture matter. Bad sitting habits, from slouching to crossing your legs, can lead to serious injuries and chronic pain. Fortunately, most of these issues are preventable – simply make some adjustments to your posture and invest in some ergonomic furniture. Ask the team at Topaz Furniture to set you up with the right desks and chairs.


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