Flexibility Is The Future: Introducing Agile Working To Your Company

Over the years, the workplace as we know it has drastically changed. Today, companies are making changes to their whole operations and outlook in order to increase productivity, provide comfort, and retain their employees. From flexible hours, open offices layout, to work-from-home opportunities, the workplace dynamics are continuously evolving.

An innovative working arrangement that companies are introducing today is agile working. According to employers who work for the NHS, agile working or activity-based working empowers its people by letting them work with maximum flexibility and minimum constraints.

The aim of agile working is to create more effective and efficient workplace conditions and improve business performance and employee productivity, and customer satisfaction. Depending on the employer, the implementation of agile working may mean different things for different organisations. The changes can be as little as replacing traditional desks to modern furniture that encourage more collaboration and freedom or can be as drastic as giving employees the complete flexibility on when and where to work as long as they get the job done.

How agile working benefit businesses and employees

A lot of benefits can be had from agile working but these will only manifest if the employer has complete trust in their employees. By changing work practices, creating a new working environment, and trusting that employees will deliver despite being given autonomy, you can maximise your business’ potential and employees’ productivity.

From giving your employees improved work-life balance, your business also benefits as this increases productivity by helping to motivate your employees. In turn, this produces better results for the business.

Investing in activity-based furniture helps your staff in completing different types of deliverables. Instead of giving your employees individual stationary desks, agility working furniture such as hot pods and collaborative pods gives them spaces perfect for both solo tasks and collaborative projects.

Where and how to start

A major key for this system to work in your business is to transition smoothly. There may be some staff who are not completely sold on the idea so it’s important to introduce agility working step by step to give them time to process and adapt to the changes.

You can start the shift to agility working by changing the office interiors. Smart office design can make all the difference to the company’s collective productivity and efficiency. Introduce them to collaborative furniture that promotes teamwork and focus areas that are reserved for quiet work.

Once you and your staff are confident with the change, you can start applying the big changes such as flexibility in working hours, location, and performance management.

How to know if you should go for it

There is no one size fits all in agile working. Different job roles allow different flexibilities in their jobs. While some roles might not allow flexibility in location, you can give them freedom in their time instead.

As long as your business has openness to change and you trust your employees to produce excellent work no matter where they are and what time of the day it is, agility working will give your office a breath of fresh air. A healthy culture that values employee performance and satisfaction more than anything.

If you have decided to switch to agility working, start the transition with modernised office space with activity based furniture. Contact Topaz Furniture for quality and functional furniture and start the evolution of your business.


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