How Do You Clean Your Office Chairs?

We spend a considerable amount of time sitting in our office chairs – Monday to Friday, 9am until 5pm, 48 weeks of the year (not to mention all that overtime we put in). For these chairs, spills, crumbs, dirt and other debris are just a fact of life – but this doesn’t mean that you should leave them to fester and decompose over time, as this could lead to the need for a replacement. So, how do you clean them and keep them that way?

To begin with, you will need to put together a cleaning solution that can be used on the materials that chairs are commonly made out of (such as polyester, leather and other synthetic materials). Mix 2 teaspoons of dishwashing liquid with 1 cup warm water, and you will have a solution that is effective at cleaning small stains and spots.

You can then take an old clean rag, dip it into the solution and use it to dab at the stains on the office chair. Once you are sure that the stain has been completely removed, rinse the area with another rag that has been dipped into some clean water. You will then need to leave the chair to dry, after which you can give it a quick go over with a vacuum.

In order to prevent your office chair from growing too dirty in the future, you should avoid spilling coffee, soft drinks and food onto it (try eating and drinking away from your desk). Any spills that do occur should be wiped up immediately, and pens and markers should be kept away from the delicate upholstery at all costs. If you are that worried about the cleanliness of your chair, give it a wipe down once a week.



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