How to Adjust your Office Chairs Melbourne for the Perfect Fit

Buying ergonomic office chairs for your Melbourne business is one thing, but the seating won't do anything for your employees' health and safety unless they have been adjusted properly to fit the individuals using them. While some high end office chairs are fitted with technology that allows the seat to intuitively conform to the user's body, most other seats require some fiddling with before they can provide you with the correct postural support.

  • Seat Pan

If the office chairs you have bought for your business have adjustable seat pans, take advantage of this feature by fitting the seat to your bum and thighs. Make sure that the seat doesn't apply any pressure to the backs of your knees.

  • Height

Use the gas pneumatic adjustment on your seat to raise or lower the height until your feet rest flat on the ground or on a stable foot stool. Choose seats for your business that feature simple lever adjustment handles.

  • Seat Depth

Seat depth adjustment is a useful feature included on some work seats that allows you to fit the seat to your leg length. Use this feature on your seating to ensure that no excess pressure is placed on your thighs.

  • Arms

For a comprehensive ergonomic solution, choose office chairs for your Melbourne business that offer vertical, swivelling and width adjustment for arm rests. These features allow you to fit the seat to suit your arm length, shoulder width and personal sitting preference.

  • Everything Else

To ensure that your seating adjustment is effective in preventing back pain, it is necessary to adjust your workstation to match. To do this, purchase height adjustable desks for your Melbourne business and mount computer screens at an appropriate eye level.


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