How To Assemble Office Furniture With Minimal Fuss

Whilst purchasing your next order of office furniture as a flat-pack can make it much easier to transport or have delivered at your workplace, it can prove to be problematic when it comes time to assemble it. Anyone who has only a little experience in do-it-yourself projects, however, will find that they can easily put flat-pack furniture together, providing that they follow the instructions.

Begin by unpacking all of the furniture and checking that you have all the parts that are listed in the accompanying instruction booklet. Occasionally, you will find that you are missing a piece and will need to go back to the store before you begin the assembly. You should also read through the instructions thoroughly and find out whether you need any extra tools (flat-packs often come with miniature tools, but you never know).

Put the base of your new office furniture together first, ensuring that all of the screws are secure. Next, you can put the facings and surfaces of your furniture together. If you need to do any gluing in this process, make sure that you leave the piece for an adequate amount of time to ensure that the glue dries.

If you have been given finishing pieces with your office furniture (they resemble tiny plastic discs), you can use them to fill in any exposed fixings. If your flat-pack didn’t include finishings and you would like to cover the fixings, your local hardware store should stock similar plastic discs that will do the job.



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