How To Change From Old To New Office Furniture In Melbourne

Over time, office furniture in Melbourne tends to look old, drab and outdated, which doesn’t make for an overly attractive or inviting workplace. If this describes your current furniture situation, then perhaps it is time to shop around for a new look – and here is how to make that change over as easy and painless as possible.

Begin by measuring the dimensions of your workplace and writing these down on paper. Look at the space carefully – is there a better location for the various items of furniture you require, or is their current one the only places that they will fit? Get a good feeling of the space that you have available.

Visit a reputably supplier of office furniture in Melbourne (remembering to take your dimensions with you). Measure up the different desks, filing cabinets and chairs that you’re interested in, as this will help you to determine whether they will fit in your workplace or not. Arrange with the supplier to have your new office furniture delivered.

Back at the office, have all of your old furniture removed. It is a good idea to stick masking tape on the floor in the areas that you would like each new piece of furniture to be placed. Not only will this save you time once the items are delivered, it will help to minimize the amount of scratches your floor is subject to (mainly a problem for linoleum).

Direct the office furniture in Melbourne delivery guys to the areas that you marked out earlier. Take a look at your space – is this how you imagined it would look? Don’t be afraid to move furniture if you feel it would look better in a different location and, if a piece really looks out of place, don’t hesitate to remove it entirely.



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