How to Choose Artwork for your Office Fitout

We are great believers in using art in an office fitout to bring the finished space to life. Artwork can be used throughout your workplace to great effect, but often businesses have a hard time choosing the right piece for their particular decorating needs. There are many different art sources you can look to for inspiration, including art resellers specialising in office decoration, as well as more eclectic and unusual routes such as Etsy and DIY options.

Your first objective when choosing art for the office fitout should be to choose pieces that contribute to a positive atmosphere in the workplace. To reach this end, you can try choosing pieces with bright colours to inject energy and enthusiasm into the space. Your whole office fitout is designed to improve productivity, so don't forget this goal when decorating the space!

When choosing artwork, consider the message your choices will send to any clients or business partners visiting your office fitout. If you want to portray your business as progressive and forward thinking, bypass the traditional oil paintings in heavy gilt frames for some lightweight wall decals that brighten up an office fitout with some quirky fun.

Consider the placement of your artwork carefully when you are purchasing particular pieces. A large colourful painting can make a room much more interesting when placed on a great expanse of blank white wall, but when used in a cramped and busy work space the effect can be nauseating. The meeting room is a traditional space to use art in the workplace, but if you're keen on the idea, different pieces can be used in every room, including the bathroom, general work space and waiting room.


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