How To Clean Leather Office Chairs

When we talk about leather office chairs, we are often referring to the seats of choice for executives and CEO’s; after all, leather is seen as being a luxurious and expensive material. Like all sorts of chairs, however, leather ones will be in need of regular cleaning to ensure that they remain in tiptop condition. Fortunately, this can be effortlessly achieved.

Step 1: Slightly moisten a cleaning rag with cold water, then drizzle the rag with either castile or saddle soap. Rub the rag over the leather chair using small circular motions to remove stains or marks.

Step 2: Take a fresh rag and run it under cold water, then use it to wipe over the office chair. This will remove any soap residue from the leather, which will dry in white flaky patches.

Step 3: Use another fresh rag to rub over the leather. This will remove any excess moisture from the chair, which can actually be detrimental to the material if left to sit and fester.

Step 4: When something is accidentally spilled on the seat, you can remove it from the leather using a damp sponge. This will prevent the spill from staining the material.

The main concern of cleaning a leather office chair is that many products are known to dry out the material, to leave behind a residue or to have fumes soak into the upholstery. This is why you should use the cleaning products outlined above, which are available at your local supermarket or even from a specialist leather shop.


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