How to Create Private Spaces Within Your Office Fitout

When planning an office fitout, it is important to create a workable balance between open spaces and private work areas. Finding the best mix of common and individual areas for your needs means that you will get the most out of your new workspace. It is also imperative to design your space so that it works for you. Common areas must therefore be inviting and comfortable, while private spaces should encourage focussed concentration and independent working. Here are some tips on planning effective private spaces within an office fitout.

  •  Block Out Distractions

In large office fitouts, it can be difficult to design the space so that many people can work alongside each other in harmony. Corporate workplaces invariably produce a lot of noise, from calls, general chatter and even from traffic outside. They can also be visually distracting, with people constantly walking through, or meetings held in the common areas. In your workspace, you can use workstation screens and office partitions to block out distractions to allow your employees to work in peace.

  •  Include a Private Meeting Room

Private meeting rooms are essential in many workplaces, providing a space to talk over confidential matters with confidence. Even if a private meeting room does not seem to be a key element to your office fitout at this point of your career, it can be invaluable to have in emergencies, or even to provide some seclusion from a busy open plan workspace. You can wall off your meeting room completely or use tempered glass to create an illusion of more space while still creating a visual barrier.

  • Use Privacy-Sequencing

Privacy-sequencing is a concept which considers the differing levels of privacy needed in an office fitout. These vary from public spaces such as the reception area, to break-out spaces with comfortable chairs and couches to team working areas and individual workstations. To create a personalised privacy-sequencing plan for your workspace you need to consider the space you have available and the specific needs of your business. Do you need to devote most of your space to workstations? Can you combine a break out area with the team working area?

  • Be Flexible

When designing your office fitout you should try to create a space that is varied and interesting. This can be difficult when planning a system of enclosed workstations, but it is entirely possible when using different materials and dimensions in screens and partitions. You can also consider using a modular system which can be altered and moved about to suit your tastes at any time.


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