How To Customize Your Office Furniture

Unfortunately, most of the office furniture on the market these days lacks a sense of individuality. It has a cold, stark and even simple appearance that really doesn’t do much in the way of making clients and visitors feel at home in your workplace. If you would love to make your furniture stand out and embrace the personality of your office, use these tips to customize your pieces:

  • What do you want the furniture to look like when it’s finished? You will need to plan the colour palette and style that you are hoping to use in your project. You could even sketch out your design using coloured pencils to get an idea of how it will look.
  • Prime the office furniture by stripping off the old paint. You could also paint a base coat right over the surface if it’s not too glossy.
  • Paint the pieces in the colour and style of your choice. You can do a lot of things with paint, such as adding texture (by sponging on another colour or using a stencil). Finish with a coat of varnish to protect against scratches.
  • Reupholster office furniture to fit in with your new paint job. You could sew new cushions for your office chairs or purchase some throw pillows and blankets that will brighten them up.
  • Use accessories to tie the look together. Once all of your furniture is completely revamped, invest in some matching accessories to bring the whole look together, such as pencil holders, note card holders, in trays and so on.

As you can see,customizing your office furniture could take a day or even an afternoon, depending on how many pieces you want to revamp. Of course, it is much easier to purchase furniture that matches your office’s individuality but, as this is not always possible, being about to do it yourself is the next best thing!



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