How to Design the Perfect Home Office Workstations

Do you need to do some work at home or just want a comfy spot to pay bills and keep your family files in order? Carving out a space in your home for a desk, chair and storage can improve your productivity at home and keep you focused rather than distracted by the TV, couch or kitchen. You can dedicate a full room to your home office, but if you don't have the space, a much better alternative is to set up a compact office workstation in a nook or corner of your home.

Start out by collecting the essential elements for your productive space in the home, including the desk and ergonomic chair. You could get your home office workstation completely built in, with a floating desk and storage cabinets, for a sturdy and clean look. Alternatively, you can simply use a compact table at the right height to hold your computer and office paraphernalia.

You should aim to make your home office workstation as organised as possible by keeping everything you need in the same spot. Try using a convenient file storage unit, such as a lateral file cabinet or flat file storage unit that makes finding important files easier. To store other objects  around your desk, use some high shelves or a bookcase to keep books and stationery close at hand.

The placement of your desk in the home is very important. The office workstation should be in the part of the home where you feel most comfortable and productive, but be careful to not sit too close to the bed or couch to make sure you don't get too comfortable! Try to find a sunny spot in the house that stays quiet for most of the day.



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