How To Replace Your Office Chairs Castors

Have the castors of your office chair been getting stuck or not rolling correctly as you navigate your workplace? If you cannot see any hair or carpet fibers caught in the axle (which is easily removed with a pair of tweezers), it is likely that your castors have reached the end of their life. This does not mean that you need to buy a new chair, however, as you can easily replace the damaged castors with new ones.

Step 1: Pull out the damaged castor; using a glove or an old towel can help you to get a better grip. If you cannot pull the wheel out, use a screwdriver to try and pry the post out of the socket. As the stem starts to wriggle its way out, take hold of it with your hands and pull.

Step 2: Choose some replacement office chair castors (available online or at many furniture supply stores) that are suitable for the floors in your workplace, such as carpet, tiles or linoleum. Often, castors come in sets of six; it’s good to have some spares on hand for future repairs.

Step 3: Install the new castor into the socket by pushing the stem in as far as you can. Then, flip your chair right side up and sit in it. Your weight will ensure that the castor clicks into place. If this doesn’t work, place a small piece of wood over the wheel and hit it gently with a hammer.

Your office chair should now be back in optimum working condition, allowing you to zip around your workplace as you need. If you did order spare castors, make sure that you keep them in a memorable spot in case you or someone else needs to make repairs down the track.



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