How Your Office Chair Can Distract You From Your Work

It happens to everyone – you’re sitting at your desk at the office, trying to concentrate on the task at hand but you find your mind wandering elsewhere. Why is this? There is a strong possibility that the source of all your distractions is the humble office chair.
But how can a chair possibly distract you that much? Well, it can do so in two ways:

         * It’s uncomfortable

         * It’s not really an office chair at all

An uncomfortable chair may not be all that bad at first. You might be able to sit in your office for the first few hours of the day, happily working away. But eventually you start to notice how uncomfortable the chair is getting, so you start moving around to find a better position. Once you start fidgeting, your concentration is broken and it can be very difficult to get back into that zone. But why is your office chair so uncomfortable? It may have poor adjustability, so that you can only raise the seat so high or you cannot move the arm rests at all, or it may be of poor quality. These office chairs are the worst as they are quite often comfortable for the first few months before making your days at the office unbearable.

If your seating is not really an office chair at all, then you will soon find yourself running into distraction fairly quickly. Some offices use dining table-style chairs for their employees to sit on, but this should be a big no-no. Dining seats are not designed to be sat on for extended periods of time in an office, so you will quickly start to notice pain in your back, bottom, shoulders, legs and even arms. It is also impossible to adjust the height of a dining chair, so you are stuck in a particular position regardless of your height.


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