Office Design Ideas For A Dental Surgery

For many people, the thought of visiting the dentist is enough to send them running in the other direction. This is why the office design for these sorts of spaces is imperative – your choices in paint, furnishings and even accent pieces can all contribute to creating an atmosphere that is relaxing and distracts from the real reason that patients are there. Use these ideas to make your surgery that much more welcoming:

  • Walls: A relaxing design calls for the use of a soothing coloured paint, like blue or green. You should avoid colours like white and grey, because these remind people of a sterile hospital environment (which can be just as intimidating).
  • Furnishings: A successful dentist office design calls for furniture that is comfortable. Select couches and armchairs over plastic chairs, provide a coffee table of magazines, and arrange a visible corner for children to play or read whilst they wait.
  • Accents: For that relaxing edge to your office space, you might like to consider adding an aquarium. This serves two purposes – firstly, it is bright and, secondly, it is soothing. Some scattered plants, artwork and soft music can also add to the ambience.

Creating an office design for a dental surgery should revolve around making the space feel as welcoming and relaxing as possible. Not only will this placate patients who are forced to wait around for their appointments (let’s face it, how many dentists are actually on time), it will help those who are a little nervous to feel a little more at ease.


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