Office Design Ideas For A Office Reception Areas

The reception area of your office plays a vital role in how clients and visitors will view your business and, as we all know, first impressions are everything. To ensure that your reception area is inviting and reflects the sort of personality that you believe your business possesses, you need a well-planned and effective office design. Use these tips to help you out:

  • Choose a colour palette. Colours that are light, neutral and earth toned tend to be the most versatile and will blend with most furnishings and décor. You could even focus on a particular material, like chrome.
  • Minimise clutter. This can make your office appear quite unprofessional, so decide in advance how you will deal with it. Low shelving beneath the desk tends to be a popular option.
  • Set the focal point. The reception desk should form the centerpiece of your office design. Look for eye-catching pieces, as they’re size, shape and style will help to define your other décor choices.
  • Calculate your seating. Think about how many clients and visitors pass through your doors on a busy day. Include one or two small coffee tables so that you can arrange your seating in clusters.
  • Add finishing touches. These will really make or break the design, so include your logo on the door, on the desk or on a main wall; include tasteful art displays; and only include plants if they are hardy.

There are plenty of other considerations that you can make when putting together an office design for your reception area. If it opens directly to the outdoors, for example, make sure that the desk is placed so that it won’t receive cold drafts in winter. This will keep both your employees and visitors to your workplace happy.


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