Office Furniture Trends For 2017 -The Latest In Office Furniture Designs

Have you ever considered that your workplace environment requires occasional tweaking if it is to serve the constantly changing needs of your business and its employees? Designing workspaces that promote flexibility and functionality whilst catering to the diverse nature of your modern workforce is essential. This is why we have taken a closer look at the top office furniture trends for 2017.

office trends 2017

  1. Soft Furniture
    The need for collaboration, flexibility and relaxation during the typical workday is on the rise. This means that collaborative spaces are being introduced in workplaces across the country. Therefore, we expect to also see the introduction of soft furniture with more of a "home away from home" feel. This includes cushy armchairs, couches and even beanbags.
  2. Colour
    In the coming year, soft colours will be the big trend. The 2016 Pantone colour of the year (Rose Quartz) will still be popular with the addition of Kale, Hazelnit, Pale Dogwood and the 2017 Pantone colour of the year (Greenery). Expect to see colourful accents, such as cushions and décor items, as opposed to brightly coloured furniture.
  3. Simplicity
    Many businesses are already getting rid of clutter in order to optimise their office spaces and create more of a modern feel – minimalist design is in. The minimalist approach is characterised by high quality office furniture with a low component count that makes space planning simpler. It’s likely that this trend will continue well into this year.
  4. Privacy
    The introduction of breakout areas and collaborative spaces has lead to high levels of noise and a lack of privacy. Private seating and workspaces are becoming a must for 2017 – this sort of furniture absorbs background noise and creates spaces where private conversations can be held without needing to leave the office. The use of acoustic furniture is also on the rise.
  5. Technology
    After being introduced last year, integrating technology is a trend that will continue to rise in 2017. Furniture with built-in power adaptors and multimedia capabilities is becoming preferred, particularly in boardrooms and other areas where employees congregate. We may even see the introduction of wireless charging stations.
  6. Wellbeing
    More businesses are taking the wellbeing of their employees into account in the design of their workspaces. This means we are seeing an upshift the use of in sit stand desks, collaborative and private areas, and indoor plant life, as well as an increasing focus on comfort, airflow and lighting. Happy, healthy employees are productive employees, after all.
  7. Lounges
    Areas where employees can put their feet up and relax are also becoming an essential inclusion that has been on the rise recently (particularly in the hectic workplaces that many of us work in). These sorts of areas help to foster relaxation and create a more enjoyable experience all round for employees, whether you work in a professional or artistic profession.

So, as you can see, the office furniture trends for 2017 are all about designing functional areas that improve collaboration and productivity in the workplace whilst adding a much-needed modern touch. If you need help implementing any of these trends in your own workplace, ensure that you contact the Topaz team today – we are more than happy to help update your workplace.

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