Should you Choose a Round Office Workstation?

Desks come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so why not try out an unconventional model in your workplace? Round or circular office workstations might not be for everyone but they do have their benefits in terms of productivity and use of space. Circular office workstations are particularly useful for breaking up a space and getting away from the conventional boxy look of many workplace designs.

You can fit a round office workstation in spaces where simple rectangular desks would take up too much space. One of the best advantages of circular desks is that you can use your space efficiently and fit a number of employees around the table. Partitioning screens can be purchased to make distinct spaces for each employee with the result being an office workstation that feels collaborative but provides enough individual privacy.

Changing up your space with a round workstation can really reinvigorate the way your employees view and use the workplace. Using unconventional shapes in your space design can open up new walkways and ways of communication between individuals. If your not sold on the circular idea you could simply include more curved lines and organic shapes when refitting the work space.

When choosing a circular desk make sure that it has all the functional capabilities of the best conventional desks, such as storage space, leg room and adjustable leg height. Storage space is one thing that might be compromised in your round office workstation, as most under desk storage units are still built with sharp, straight edges. There is a wide range of screen add-ons that you can use, however, which bring all the necessary items into a closer reach.


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