The Advantages of Leasing Office Furniture

Did you know you can lease your office furniture?
Along with multiple other things like cars and houses you can also lease your office furniture and office equipment.

A big advantage of leasing is you can to keep up to date. Coping with the swift progress in technological advancementcan repeatedly leave you with large quantities of obsolete furniture as well as being an unwelcome drain on capital. A leasing option gives you opportunities to upgrade outdated equipment to newer technology and often without increasing your monthly payments.

For instance, you could upgrade the task chairs in your office, this would increase the comfort and productivity of your staff and you can meet the required levels of OH&S with a minimal monthly increase.

Operating leases and rentals are a highly cost efficient and tax-friendly way of acquiring business equipment. You don’t need to worry about asset depreciation and your monthly payments may be 100% tax deductable because the equipment does not appear on your balance sheet.

But most of all leasing furniture is simply about cash flow.

With regularity of fixed payments, predicting your cash flow becomes easier and capital is protected because equipment can be acquired without outlaying large costs. Cash flow is critical for the daily workings of your organisation but is also a prime measure used by business analysts and capital markets to measure the true value of a company. Leasing is a well-known technique used to improve cash flow management and a means of saving your money for your core business or perhaps for projects which give you better return on capital.

Flexible financing is our greatest strength. No two businesses have the same needs, so we tailor each finance solution to meet your cash flow, timing and capital budget requirements, with the payment schedule you prefer.

If you've ever tried organizing business finance from a bank, you'll find we are an invigorating alternative. To us, you're a valued partner, not just an account number. Our committed staff will work with you one-on-one to develop the best finance solution for your business. And we guarantee that a real person will answer the phone when you call.


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