The Craziest Cubicles on the Planet

The Closed in Feeling:
This is an incredibly interesting and unique looking work space but hardly appropriate if you suffer from claustrophobia. Closely confined with very little space to work with and also liable to be insufficient in lighting.

fice cubicles

Style without Practicality:
It’s grand and imposing but also uncomfortable and impractical. For sitting or standing long hours in a cubicle your equipment has to be near at hand but also in position to cause the least strain possible on your body.

Office Cubicle Style without Practicality

Slightly Makeshift:
It is important to be able to improvise and undoubtedly it’s economical; nevertheless it is also temporary!

office cubicle slightly makeshift

Here a Pez, there a Pez:
A workspace can be personalised but not overboard!Too much clutter will start to interfere with your daily organisation and often limit the ability to concentrate.

Office Cubicle Pez

The Squash:
Lack of space is one of the worst possible encumbrances to efficiency. When someone is invading your personal space there is a feeling of discomfort or insecurity distracting from your normal standard of work.

Office Cubicle The Squash


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