The Workplace where Everyone is Happy

Creating a comfortable work environment goes beyond simply incorporating a few extra couches, office plants and mood lighting. Today’s modern offices incorporate a variety of aesthetically pleasing and functional office furniture to help them get through the day.

Here are a few corporate business furniture ideas that can help inspire a happier and more productive workforce.


Boardroom Tables with Power and Data


boardroom desk power and data

With the ever increasing use of mobile devices used in boardroom meetings, easily accessible power and data connection is a must. Thankfully, boardroom tables can now be easily wired for the task.

Having a conference table with built-in power, monitor, sound, HDMI, and USB makes it easier to share, present and collaborate. Apart from making it easier for your team, imagine how impressed your clients will be. You are sure to be seen as a company that is forward thinking.


Adjustable Office Chairs


Adjustable Office Chairs

Spending hours at a time in a chair that is not supportive can cause fatigue and even long term back problems. A good task chair is vital to ensuring you can get through your day productively and positively.

Beyond the standard gas-lift and seat-tilt features, today’s modern office chairs include adjustable lumbar support and a knitted mesh seat and back. Apart from their aesthetic features, they provide an important function to help improve posture, circulation and help you to feel great at the end of the day.

By investing in the comfort and health of your employees, it will pay back doubly in their productivity.


Neutral Breakout Spaces


Neutral Breakout Spaces

Research has indicated that employees are more focussed when collaborating away from their workspace. Being removed from their phone and emails is just one obvious reason. But besides that, a neutral space is a shared space that reinforces a sense of community and shared responsibility. A neutral space can also provide a touch of luxury when furnished with the right breakout chairs. Whether it’s for taking a break, discussing a project or planning a presentation, they offer an excellent space for productivity.

Start prioritizing employee productivity and comfort by showing them you understand what they do and how they do it best. They’ll do more than just appreciate you. They’ll actually love coming to work, day after day!



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