Tips For Choosing Contemporary Office Furniture In Melbourne

If you have been thinking about updating to some more contemporary style office furniture in Melbourne, you might be wondering what actually constitutes as being ‘contemporary’. Use these tips to help you choose your workplace’s next delivery of furniture, and you will be rewarded with the clean lines and pops of colour that have long been associated with contemporary design:

  • Hide your clutter!  An integral component of contemporary furniture is that any clutter is completely hidden from view. Choose pieces that enclose cabinets and shelving behind doors and that incorporate no-hardware functioning (meaning that they open when pushed or tapped).
  • Pops of colour  Select a finish that you like the look of (either gloss, matte or textured) and a colour that you like, then choose all of your office furniture based around this. This can help to draw a visitor’s eye from one space of your workplace to the next.
  • Shiny surfaces  Very rarely will you find gold or brass in a contemporary office design – instead, opt for chromes, matte silvers and mirrored finishes. To create consistency throughout the space, ensure that all your finishes are in the same metal.

 Choosing contemporary office furniture in Melbourne is not an easy task, especially if you don’t have a clear idea of what contemporary’ actually is. By using the above tips, you will find yourself making conscious decisions regarding the pieces of furniture that you are choosing to use in your workplace – each piece will flow seamlessly onto the next one.


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