Top 3 Advantages Of Glass Office Partitions

Over the years, glass office partitions have become very popular across offices, warehouses and shops. They have always been an incredibly stylish choice, but the introduction of frameless and designer options onto the market has made this even more the case. It’s not just about their looks, however – these partitions will actually offer your workplace a number of advantages that other types (such as plaster walls and timber veneers) simply do not.

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We’ve outlined what we believe are the top 3 advantages in the list below:

1.    Natural Light
There are a number of reasons why you want more natural sunlight in your workplace – it is far better for employees than artificial lighting (in regards to their health and wellbeing) and it can lower your energy consumption, therefore lowering your utility bills (by reducing the need to have artificial lights turned on).

Another benefit of increasing the amount of natural light is that it will have a fantastic impression on clients and other visitors. When people visit your workplace for the first time, you want them to be surprised at how bright and airy it is. Although there is nothing wrong with artificial lighting, there is something refreshing about sunlight.

2.    Noise Reduction
Let’s face it – our workplaces can be noisy. Whether we’re conducting meetings, talking on the phone, brainstorming with colleagues or watching a video on our lunchbreaks, noise is commonplace. One of the best advantages about glass office partitions is that they’re actually quite good at blocking a lot of noise.

If sound insulation is your goal, we recommend double glazed glass. The combination of two panes of glass and the gap between them can provide a drop in the level of noise carried through by as much as 70%. This will allow employees to conduct private conversations without fear of being overheard and give them ample silence to concentrate.

3.    Transparency
Depending on your workplace or the kind of industry you work in, you might find it necessary to keep an eye on your employees. Glass partitions will create a sense of transparency between employers and their employees whilst still affording them audible privacy. You’ll be able to keep an eye on how hard everyone is working.

They also provide a sense of transparency between employees – they’ll be able to see if their colleague is currently in their office and, if so, whether they’re free to be disturbed. If everyone works in their own private offices, clear panes of glass can also help employees to feel more connected to each other – even if they can’t talk.

We have only scrapped the surface when it comes to the many advantages offered by glass office partitions. Once you’ve had them installed in your workplace, you’ll also find that they are available in a variety of options (ensuring a perfect match for your décor), that they can be incorporated into your branding (thanks to transfers), and that they offer a wholly professional appearance that doesn’t detract from the rest of your décor.


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