Topaz Furniture Transforming School Spaces With A Funky New Look

Did you know that Topaz Furniture also supplies furniture and fitouts to schools? Whether you work in a kindergarten, primary school, high school or even a tertiary education facility, we can help you to craft a solution to meet your needs. From library or reception makeovers to complete classroom renovations, we can tackle educational projects of any shape and size.

These days, getting students to engage with their work is key for their willingness to learn and overall performance. We can help you to create a space that fosters learning whilst making it enjoyable for your students – think bright colours (we can match your school crest and uniform colours), collaborative spaces and integrated technology.

School Spaces With A Funky New Look

But what sorts of spaces have we transformed in the past?

  • Libraries
    These spaces are often used for recreation as well as study. It’s also often a place where students come to work on projects, either alone or with a group. We can help you to create a space that meets all of these needs – plenty of shelving for all the books on offer, desks for computers and study, and comfortable lounges for reading novels.
  • Receptions
    No educational facility is complete without a reception, as it's where visitors to the grounds must report and where deliveries are often directed. As such, the space needs to be welcoming to parents and students alike. We can help you select an attractive reception desk (at the perfect height for adults and children), couches and even a coffee table.
  • Classrooms
    These are the places where our children come to learn, so it’s important that they’re conducive to the educational environment. We can help you to select a range of desks and chairs that are comfortable for long periods and provide each student with ample space to work. We can also equip you with quality whiteboards, teacher’s desks and more.
  • Offices
    From the administration staff who keep the school running to the teachers charged with the education of our students, there are a number of offices found in an educational facility. We can completely deck out the space with desks, chairs and a variety of storage solutions to ensure that all documentation and work can be stored appropriately.
  • Laboratories
    From computer labs to science labs, ensuring that these rooms are equipped with the right furniture is a must. We can supply you with a range of desks with the ability to support your lessons, including those high workstations that are so common in science labs. Should chairs be required, we can also help you make the best choice.

No matter what sort of educational facility you work in (from a kindergarten or primary school through to a high school or university), Topaz Furniture can give it a funky new look that is sure to make your students sit up and pay attention. For more information on our products and services, get in touch with our expert team – we’ll be more than happy to provide you with a quote!


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