Unique Styles For Office Reception Furniture In Melbourne

The first thing that a client or visitor to your office will see when they walk in is the reception area – and they will form an impression of how you operate based on this. Choosing the wrong office reception furniture in Melbourne can actually have a detrimental affect on your ability to find and retain new clients, which is why you might want to choose a more unique style.

  • Modular Style
    This refers to a specific type of furniture that slots together and functions as a single piece. Each item can work just fine on its own, but it is also designed to work in conjunction with other items. The advantage to this style is that you can start with a few pieces and then add to them as your office expands. The disadvantage to this style is that the items can look quite plain and are usually plastic (or plastic coated). 
  • Vintage Style
    This refers to furniture that you have found second hand, repurposed or even purchased in an old fashioned style. Often, these items are quite eclectic and don’t really look as if they would go together – somehow, the mismatch of items just works. The advantage to this style is that you give visitors something different and unexpected to look at. The disadvantage to this style is that it really only works for certain businesses. 
  • High Tech Style
    This refers to furniture that is both sleek and high tech in appearance, often only consisting of one piece. They are generally available in the curved variety, but there is often a straight option available, too. The advantage to this style is there is often plenty of storage space hidden in the items. The disadvantage to this style is that the items are made out of lightweight and molded plastic, which isn't overly lasting.

The next time you are choosing office reception furniture, make sure that you have considered how clients and visitors will perceive your business based only on these items. This is why it is so important for you to consider the style chosen, but with modular, vintage or high tech we are sure that you will impress all who walk through your doors.


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