What Does Your Boardroom Say About You? Boardroom Meeting Setup

What Does Your Boardroom Say About You? Boardroom Meeting Setup

[Updated December 2022]

Boardroom furniture gives people insight into your company. It speaks of how you carry out your daily business, and how employees are viewed, and even provides an impression of your company values and the level of expertise that can be expected.

The corporate boardroom meeting often takes place in a boardroom or other kind of conference room. However, the furniture inside the boardroom may be overlooked and yet it carries a lot of weight when it comes to giving insight into your company. The choice of office furniture can speak volumes about how business is conducted, as well as how employees are viewed: whether it’s modern and inviting chairs that give people a sense of support; neutral colours on the walls that indicate professionalism along with an expectation of high-level expertise; or just enough colour to infuse some personality into the room while still conveying your values and standards. Above all, conference room furniture is both functional and expressive of the type of organization you are.

Collaborative conference areas and traditional boardrooms are the two main types of boardrooms and conference spaces. They each offer a unique atmosphere and modern office layout.

Boardrooms come in all shapes and sizes, offering a unique atmosphere for different types of events. Collaborative conference areas offer a more unrestricted feel, with their informal design fuelling creative energy to help bring out inventive solutions. Alternatively, traditional boardroom-style conference rooms bring more structure to the session and can be set up with presentation aids like whiteboards and digital displays to help organize conversations with ease. Regardless of the type of boardroom used, they both provide the necessary tools and office table to boost productivity and ensure successful outcomes from any meeting.

Tribeca boardroom table with timber veneer and solid timber square edge top

Collaborative Conference

The collaborative conference area offers boardroom meetings and much more. It's a huge space with plenty of seating, functional boardroom tools and amenities. Along with the necessary resources to ensure that any boardroom meeting can go off without a hitch. Networking is an important part of any boardroom meeting. This shared workspace has been designed to promote social interaction among colleagues as well. From board presentation training, team building exercises to brainstorming sessions. This collaborative conference room provides everything needed to make every boardroom meeting an effective one.

Axis flip training table with white melamine top

Traditional Boardroom

The first thing you notice upon entering a formal conference room are the modern furnishings. In the centre of the space is an impressive boardroom table, lined with comfortable chairs that look sleek and executive, perfect for brainstorming new ideas and strategies. This tranquil yet refined atmosphere is conducive to productive collaboration among company leaders and innovators.

Companies for which meeting privacy is important or that prefer a more classic style are best suited for traditional conference rooms. The modern collaborative area emits an impression of forward thinking and creates an air of authority around your business.

Tribeca boardroom table with timber veneer and solid timber square edge top

Important decisions are made in your boardroom. Make sure it conveys confidence.

Boardroom meetings are the pinnacle of decision-making. It's important to create an atmosphere that instantly conveys confidence. This means outfitting your boardroom with the necessary tools and equipment for effective collaboration. Such as large displays for visuals, and ergonomic chairs for comfort over those long hours of deliberation. Ultimately, this environment will help you make better decisions and boost team morale. Something which can only come from having a boardroom that looks extremely professional.

Finally, if you want to make a good impression on potential clients, start with your boardroom. Important decisions are made here! It should be a reflection of your company's values and goals. Keep it clean, organized, and professional-looking, and consider adding some personal touches to make it more inviting. Don't forget about the little things that can make a big difference, like fresh flowers or refreshments on the table. Most importantly, confidence - this is the key to making big decisions in the boardroom!

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