What Does Your Reception Office Furniture Say About You?

Ask yourself these questions – when clients first enter your workplace, what do they see first? Are they welcomed into a warm and inviting environment with comfy seating and a friendly face? Or are they left hovering in the doorway, waiting for someone to notice them? 

Your reception is the first physical point of contact between your business and your clients, which is why it is important that your reception office furniture sends the right message.

Your reception must be designed for comfort, particularly if it’s the main area where your clients will be asked to wait. When choosing furniture, ensure that it’s in a professional style that matches the rest of your office decor. A well-planned and carefully decorated space shows clients that you care about their experience as well as your employees. 

In saying this, your chairs need to be comfortable without looking like something someone would have in their lounge room. A soft leather could be a great choice, as it has a sleek and modern appearance. 

It is of the utmost importance that you keep your reception area as organised as possible. Clients will appreciate a well-kept, stress-free and relaxing space to wait in. On top of this, piles of papers on the desk and clutter simply feel unprofessional. This is not the sort of impression you want to give when a new client walks through the door! 

If your receptionists deal with a lot of paperwork, consider providing them with a taller desk that allows them to hide any clutter from view. Also provide them with filing cabinets so they can put documents away easily. 

Receptions often adjoin key meeting areas and can become congregation points for employees and clients alike. Conversation travels, sometimes even around corners, so it’s important that you have given consideration to this in the design of your space. Perhaps you could look into some partitioning and other sound dampening options to keep clients from overhearing something they shouldn’t. 

At the end of the day, having an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable reception can make a big difference to your success. Whether it includes indoor plants, magazines, a water-station or even just some comfy chairs, a waiting area is vital for establishing a respectful and professional relationship with your clients. 

The team at Topaz can help you to choose reception office furniture that has exactly the desired impact on clients visiting your workplace; contact us today to learn more or if you require any assistance.


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