What Layouts Can Be Created With Conference Room Furniture?

When choosing conference room furniture, many business owners are unsure about which pieces will allow them to make the best use of their space. The good news is that our furniture can be reconfigured according to the purpose of your meeting and the number of attendees. There are plenty of layouts to choose from; we have outlined just some of the options here.

conference room furniture


This layout is perfect for smaller groups, where close interaction and lots of discussion is expected. Attendees can easily see and hear each other, whilst sharing the table space helps to create unity. Some seats may need to be moved in the case of a visual presentation.

Circle of Chairs

This layout completely removes tables in order to encourage attendees to speak directly with each other. There is no physical setting for a leader, which can make people feel more comfortable. Chairs are arranged in a simple circle with as much space between them as required.


This is a fairly traditional layout and is still quite popular, as it allows many people to comfortably fit within the space. A variation of this layout is the chevron classroom, except the tables are tilted towards the front (each row is the same distance from the presenter).


This layout, involving round tables, is perfect for small group discussions and projects. It allows maximum participation within the groups, as well as allowing for many groups to work in the same space. A variation of this layout is cabaret, where the chairs are arranged in a horseshoe.


This layout is perfect when a large number of attendees are expected, as occurs in audiovisual presentations and lecture-style meetings. It is important to note that no tables are provided in this setup, so note taking will need to be kept to a minimum.

U Shape

This is a popular layout for groups that require close interaction, as it gives attendees the sense that they are all equal in status. There are two variations of this layout – the double U (a U within a U) or the addition of seating on the inside of the U.

We have only scraped the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all of the different layouts you can choose from. No matter which setup you ultimately choose, it is important that you have basic conference room furniture that can be reconfigured when required. Our range of tables and chairs are perfect for such a purpose and can be easily used to create all of the layouts outlined above.


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