Why And How To Donate Office Furniture In Melbourne

It is a fact of life that all businesses need furniture in order to function efficiently, and it is no different for workplaces in the Melbourne area. What, however, do not for profit organizations do when they are in desperate need of new office furniture in Melbourne? Often, their budget doesn’t allow for luxury purchases such as these. Instead, these organizations rely on the donations of generous businesses in the area.

If you have recently purchased new office furniture, or you have been thinking that you would like to make a (tax deductible) donation on behalf of your business, then this may be an idea for you. Begin by doing an internet search for not for profit organizations in your area, or keep an eye out as you drive around for signs of one.

Next, you will need to contact these organizations and ask whether they are in need of any donations of office furniture. Often, these organizations will ask for donations of all kinds of their websites, but it never hurts to ask. Make sure that you tell the organization what furniture you are looking to donate.

When it comes time to drop off your donated office furniture in Melbourne, ask for a donation receipt (if you are donating new furniture), as you will need this to claim the purchase as a tax deduction at the end of the financial year. You should also make sure that there will be someone present at the organization and never leave furniture outside, as it is likely to be stolen.

All businesses need functional office furniture in Melbourne in order to run efficiently – not for profit organizations are no exception to this. Next time you’re feeling in a generous mood, why not donate some furniture to an organization in your area?



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