Why Use Feng Shui In Your Office Fitout?

Feng Shui, which translates to "wind and water", is the traditional art of living your life based on a Chinese philosophy and spirituality. Essentially, by embracing Feng Shui, you embrace the idea of living in harmony with the natural world. There has been an increase in the use of Feng Shui during an office fitout in the Western world – and here’s why:

Employers have been looking for ways to create a workplace that is more vibrant and successful and, when the traditional methods (such as colour and design) have failed, many of them have turned towards methods that are a little more untraditional. Feng Shui is one of these methods and can be used to boost success, productivity and even health in an office fitout.

Whilst you will encounter employees who do not believe in the rewards of using appropriate Feng Shui in an office fitout, there are other employees that will fully embrace the idea of good energy flow. Seeing as Feng Shui is, ultimately, about the set up and layout of a room, your employees do not even need to know that you have adopted in as a part of your office fitout.

One of the main reasons that Feng Shui is so suited for use in fitouts is that money and the wind are very much linked – it is said that money will flow in and out of your life (like wind), touching everything it passes, so it is important to ensure that this “wind” is a healing and strengthening energy and is never stagnant. Seeing as everyone wants continuous income for their business, it couldn’t hurt to implement a few appropriate Feng Shui strategies during your next office fitout.



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