Workspace Evolution: Innovative Ways Companies Are Changing the Office

Despite former predictions that the office would become obsolete in a tech-driven economy, businesses are still placing great emphasis on office design, with billions of dollars spent annually developing commercial spaces in Australia. According to an expert from the Bond Business School, organisations are heavily investing in designing beautiful office spaces to maximise collaboration among their employees and boost innovation in their workplace.

The office, now more than ever, is evolving. Creating a stylish and innovative workplace has become essential for companies to not only attract and retain staff but also to inspire them and encourage them to work together.

From incorporating office furniture with modern designs to knocking down walls, here are a few ways that the companies of today are changing the workspaces of tomorrow.

Play zones

One way to boost employee productivity and satisfaction at the office is to foster a fun company culture. Whether it's a soundproofed room where employees can play music to blow off steam or a game room where they can simply enjoy tabletop games with others, companies are creating play zones to boost staff morale and increase employee retention.

Having a room where employees can de-stress is also an effective way to increase their energy and happiness while working. It's also a great way to enhance their relationships with their colleagues.

Pets in the office

Some companies allow their employees to bring their pets to work as it improves work-life balance and helps other people in the office enjoy the cute animals. Pets can create a moment of separation from the chaos of work and keep spirits high. Having pets in the office also creates a comfortable environment within the workplace and triggers interactions that may not have happened without them.

Lush greenery

Studies show that adding greenery in an office helps increase employee productivity by 15%. An office surrounded by plants and flowers communicates to employees that their company cares about their happiness and welfare. With greenery present, the office becomes more enjoyable and comfortable, motivating employees to do their best in their daily tasks.

Some companies have even installed plants and greenery all around their office to help their employees become healthier and happier. For example, Google's office in Tel Aviv has an indoor orange grove that turns the corporate space into a relaxing area reminiscent of a small park.

Hot desking

Thanks to laptops, tablets and wireless internet, employees no longer need to stay at a single desk all day. Instead, they can move around the office, technology in tow. Some companies have even taken it to the next level by removing individual workstations and opting for hot desking.

Hot desking is a set-up where employees do not have assigned desks or seating areas. When they come to work in the office, they can sit anywhere they want, from long counters and desks to couches and lounge areas. This not only increases interaction and collaboration among employees but it also allows employees to work wherever they feel most comfortable and productive.

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