Cable Management Baskets ,

We have an array of cable baskets to suit different workstation situations, from single and dual tier, black or white and different sizing. Cable Management Baskets are essential to create a visually pleasing and clean work environment. They also help maintain basic functionality under the desk to protect the devices from mis-functioning due to disordered wires.

  • Australia Wide Delivery

    Australia Wide Delivery

  • In Stock

    In Stock

  • Highlights

    • Grid Tray

    • Mounting Brackets included

    • Cost Effective Cable Retriculation

    • Different Configurations are Available – Our team will recommend what is best for your project

    • Dual or Single Tier

  • Options

    • Single or Dual Tier

    • 650mm

    • 950mm

    • 1250mm

    • 1550mm

    • 1750mm

    • 2050mm

    • GPO units and Data clips also Available – See Soft Wiring Kits

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