Fracas Meeting ,

Motion Meeting is a 4 seater booth which provides a high level of privacy for users. This enclosed setting is ideal for anything from focussed brainstorming sessions to client meet and greets. Includes Motion Meeting table. Choose from 10 Motion Felt colours for the backrests.

  • Xs Week Lead Time

    2 Week Lead Time

  • Australia Wide Delivery

    Australia Wide Delivery

  • Xs Year warranty

    10 Year Warranty

  • Highlights

    • Seats 4 People

    • Includes Motion Meeting Table

    • Includes Ergonomic Backrests

    • 10 Year Warranty

  • Specifications

    • 2520mmW x 1500mmD x 1400mmH

    • 1060mmW x 1000mmD Worktop

    • 10 Year Warranty

  • Options

    • Wide Range of 10 Fabric Colours Available for Backrest

    • Worktop Available In Natural Beech or Lacquered White

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