Finding the right office cafe seating

To be your neighbourhood’s favourite café, it’s not enough to brew up the most delicious caffeinated concoctions. The ambience from the lighting to the music and the chairs most especially should tell your patrons they’re welcome to stay and have as many drinks as they like. Create the vibe that you want with our extensive range of bar stools and café chairs for indoor and outdoor use. Our range includes deco styles, Scandinavian inspired pieces and modern pieces with wooden accents. We also have classic pieces that come in solid wood for a timeless beauty that can easily match with any décor as well as chairs with steel bases for an industrial texture. All chairs offer impressive durability and quality and come with at least a year’s warranty. Topaz Furniture’s café chairs are sure to make a statement. Explore our range and find the perfect chair to take your café to the next level.
Finding the right office cafe seating


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