Civic ,

The best value AFRDI level 6 task chair on the market. Available in two or three lever, mid or high-back.

  • Xs Year warranty

    5 Year Warranty

  • Made to Order

    Made to Order

  • Australian Made

    Australian Made

  • Highlights

    • 2 or 3 lever Fully Ergonomic Mechanism

    • Gas Height Adjustable

    • Black or Alloy Base

    • Custom Upholstery in any Fabric

    • AFRDI Level 6 certified to Severe Commercial use

    •  Built in Australia from Local and Imported Components

    • 5 Year Warranty

  • Specifications

    • Medium or High Back

    • 110mm Height Range

    • Seat Height 420mm to 530mm

    • Seat Width 480mm

    • Seat Depth 450mm

    • AFRDI Tested to Level 6

    • With or Without Arms

    • 120KG Weight Rating

    • 5 Year Warranty

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