Mantra ,

A blend of comfort and striking looks, the Mantra is designed for Managerial, Task and Meeting room applications and is available with a matching Visitor's chair. The Soft-Feel Mesh back provides full, even support, conforming to the user's body with height and depth adjustable lumbar support while allowing the free flow of fresh air. The advanced dynamic synchro mechanism adapts and responds to the user's movements providing constant support.

  • Australia Wide Delivery

    Australia Wide Delivery

  • Xs Year warranty

    10 Year Warranty

  • GECA Rated

    GECA Rated

  • Made to Order

    Made to Order

  • AFRDI Tested

    AFRDI Tested

  • Australian Made

    Australian Made

  • Highlights

    • Advanced Dynamic Synchro Mechanism

    • Breathable Mesh Backrest

    • Seat Height Adjustment

    • AFRDI Tested

    • GECA Certified

    • Fire Retardant foam

    • 140kg weight capacity

    • Adjustable Arms Option

  • Specifications

    • O/A Height: 1000 – 1130mm

    • O/A Width: 650mm

    • O/A Depth: 650mm

    • Seat Width: 500mm

    • Seat Depth: 460 – 510mm (with seat -depth adjustment)

    • Back Width: 450mm

    • Back Height: 540mm

    • Seat Height: 450 – 590mm

    • 140KG Wieght Rating

    • 10 Year Warranty

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