Sini Side Table ,

The Sini is made from static painted metal sheet table and solid wood legs fulfilling functions of main and auxiliary table produced three different diameters and heights.

Designer: Tanju Özelgin

  • Xs Week Lead Time

    3 Week Lead Time

  • Australia Wide Delivery

    Australia Wide Delivery

  • Xs Year warranty

    5 Year Warranty

  • Highlights

    • Durable

    • Powdercoat Top/Poles

    • Solid Timber Base – Walnut or Natural Colour

    • Lacquer Colours: Black, White

    • 3 Sizes Available

    • Designer: Tanju Özelgin

  • Options

    • Small: 480dia x 530 (H)

    • Medium: 680dia x 430 (H)

    • Large: 880dia x 330 (H)

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